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5 Questions for Sarah Eldursi

Nyhet: 2017-08-09

Sarah Eldursi

Sarah Eldursi is the newest addition to the team of language advisors at the Unit for Academic Language at the University of Gothenburg (ASK).

1. Hi Sarah, and welcome! How did your interest in academic language begin?

I have been interested in language for as long as I remember but my interest in academic language in particular increased whilst I was studying for my Master’s degree in English language. I became interested in understanding more about what constitutes a well-written text and how information is organized in order to convey the message to the reader in the most effective way. Learning about language is an ongoing process, texts can be organized in various ways and this is what makes working with language so interesting.

2. Among other things in your CV, you have a master’s degree in Communication. What do you take with you from that into teaching and advising in academic language?

Language and communication go hand in hand, and for me a Masters in Communication not only complimented my degree in linguistics, but it also gave me insight into others aspects of communication such as intercultural communication, digital communication, multimodal communication and knowledge in organizational communication. The masters in communication has enabled me to understand cultural differences in communication for example as well as to recognize that people and organizations communicate in different ways. In addition to awareness about the use of communication in different professions, the program has also helped me understand more about how technology effects our communication, and what we need to do in order to make communication effective. This is extremely beneficial because successful interaction with students is based on effective communication and understanding between the students and the tutor.

3. What do you look forward to most with your new job?

I look forward to helping students reach their goals and gain academic success. I hope to provide support and inspiration to students and empower them with the tools they need to succeed. I look forward to working with my colleagues at the Unit for Academic Language (ASK) and developing our service to benefit students and staff at GU.

4. Where can students and staff expect to meet you, and what else will you be doing at ASK apart from giving language advice to students?

My office is at the Unit for Academic Language, Pedagogen Hus A, and I have times where I am available at the library for the Faculty of Science and the Sahlgrenska Academy. Students and Staff can contact me using the ASK pages or my email sarah.eldursi@gu.se.

Apart from having language advice sessions with students, I also take part in hosting workshops for students at the Faculty of Education, the Sahlgrenska Academy and the Faculty of Science. I am also a part of a digital taskforce team working on developing our digital content on the ASK pages, so keep an eye out for new helpful content that will hopefully aid and inspire students to write.

5. Now with the autumn semester starting, what would your advice to new students at the University of Gothenburg be?

I would advise all new students to enjoy the journey that they have started and strive to be the best that they can be. I would recommend that they get to know the services that are provided by the University for their benefit. ASK is one of those services. I would also advise them not to leave their assignments until the last minute but book a session with a language advisor and start early.


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